Lifesong Legacy Videography


"It's an absolute magical moment after all the hours of planning, filming and editing, when a familiar, yet sparkling new perspective appears."
For 30+ years I have been revealing hearts and souls through a career in education and the performance arts.  In the same way I strived to create an atmosphere of unlimited possibilities for my students, I now have this same goal using the powerful media of video/film.  Whether it has been a patriarch of a family, a young lady in a Rite of Passage, a high school Woods Manufacturing program, a weekend wedding , beloved memories of a family farm or a volunteer recognition banquet, my goal is to always reveal the deepest essence of the person, event and organization.  The projects I take on are meaningful.  I work with you as we both discover the most powerful meaning of this creation.  Your involvement is important but can vary in its time and complexity depending on many factors.

I look forward to talking with you.

The cost of your project can be determined once we talk and I become aware of the details and scope of the video/film.  Larger more in-depth projects with a 60 minute documentary finished project will cost more becuase of the extensive time invested. (250+ hours of work).  The DIY appproach, which has the family doing lots of the work and organizing can be as low as $500.  Please keep in mind the post production process of the project is the most time intensive  because of the 1:25 rule -  for every 1 hour of video shot = 25+ hours of editing.  
  • Exceed client expectations with unprescednted professionalism.
  • Colaboration with powerful creativity is key.
  • Sensitivity and respect are always at the forefront of every project.
  • Client always has the final say in editing.
I am located in beautiful Lancaster, PA , however, I am willing to travel to just about anywhere to capture your event with travel expenses to be calulated into the fee structure.